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Do I need to use the Fuqua VPN to access a Library database?

1553 views   Last updated on Apr 17, 2020    Databases Tech Help

In most cases, no. A Duke or Fuqua VPN client connection may be needed to access a resource that is experiencing problems with our proxy server IP authentication.  Please see these related questions for additional information:

How do I activate my VPN connection?

What do I do if I have a VPN connection turned on and I still can't connect to the desired database?


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Should I use my Duke NetID and password on the login page of a database site?

1469 views   Last updated on Jul 02, 2015    Databases Tech Help

No. Your Duke NetID and password should only be entered on a Duke Net ID login screen -  this screen, so don't enter them if you arrive at a login page on the database website itself. If this happens, contact us at

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What do I do if I can't connect to a database, or get an error message?

1372 views   Last updated on Jul 27, 2015    Databases Tech Help

Please let us know about your problem via eMail or visit our Database Help page. Please include the following in your message:

1. Your location (on-campus or off-campus?)
2. The name of the database
3. The name of the web browser you're using (Firefox, MSIE, Opera...)
4. A screenshot of any error message you receive

Be as complete as possible in describing the problem. Giving us as much detail as possible in your first message may help us solve your problem more efficiently.
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Do I need a separate password to use a web research database?

1289 views   Last updated on Dec 14, 2015    Databases Tech Help

As long as you connect from our database page, your connection to most databases is routed through the Duke Libraries Proxy Server. The proxy server will prompt you for your Duke Net ID and password and then connect you to the database without the need for any additional login.

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Do I need a library card to use the Ford Library?

1023 views   Last updated on Apr 28, 2020    About Us

Any current Duke student, faculty or staff member can use their Duke ID card to check out materials from Ford Library. Current students, staff, and faculty from NC State, UNC-CH, and NCCU may use their official university ID cards to check out materials. 1st time borrowers from these schools should visit the Library during business hours so that their information can be entered into the Library Circulation System.  Fuqua alumni can access library items for up to 1 year after graduation free of charge. This must be added manually so Fuqua alums must visit the library during business hours for their accounts to be updated to Fuqua alumni status. After 1 year post graduation there may be fees involved in continued borrowing. Ask for details at the Ford Library Circulation Desk.
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Who can borrow a downloadable audiobook and for how long?

1000 views   Last updated on Jul 29, 2015    Audiobooks

Anyone with a Duke NetID can borrow from Duke's OverDrive collection. Titles automatically expire after 21 days.
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How do I borrow a Kindle?

976 views   Last updated on Jul 30, 2015    Kindle

You can request a Kindle by asking at the Ford Library circulation desk, or you can place a request to borrow one through the catalog. Ford Kindles may only be picked up or returned to the Ford Library circulation desk.
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Who do I contact if I need tech support help with a library Kindle?

950 views   Last updated on Jul 02, 2015    Kindle

Email us at or call 919-660-7875.
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Are there late fees for online audiobook or eBook titles?

909 views   Last updated on Jul 13, 2015    E-Books Audiobooks

No. There are no overdue fines or late fees because OverDrive audiobook and eBook titles automatically expire from your account at the end of the lending period.
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What Library databases and services are available to Fuqua alumni?

903 views   Last updated on Apr 28, 2020    Alumni Resources

View a list of databases available to alumni here on our web site. A list of library services and material loan periods can be found here.

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Is there a limit to how many OverDrive titles I can check out at one time?

898 views   Last updated on Jul 29, 2015    E-Books Audiobooks

Yes. You can check out up to 3 OverDrive eBooks or audiobooks at one time.
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How do I borrow a downloadable audiobook?

891 views   Last updated on Jul 29, 2015    Audiobooks

Visit the Duke OverDrive website, browse the available titles, and check them out using your Duke NetID.
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I downloaded an .ODM file. Is this the audiobook?

889 views   Last updated on Jul 02, 2015    Tech Help Audiobooks

The .ODM file is not the audiobook; it is a file that should prompt a download of the audiobook file. Once you have downloaded the OverDrive Media Console to your computer, right click on the .ODM file and select Open with  OverDrive Media Console. This should prompt OverDrive to open, and your audiobook to download. If you are still having trouble, contact us via Ask a Librarian.
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A downloadable audiobook title I want is checked out, can I place a hold?

815 views   Last updated on Jul 13, 2015    Audiobooks

Yes. If a downloadable audiobook title is checked out, you can request to be notified when it becomes available. You can place up to 3 titles on hold at a time.
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Can I request that Duke purchase a new OverDrive audiobook title?

803 views   Last updated on Aug 12, 2015    Audiobooks

Yes. Please email title purchase requests to
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Who can borrow a library Kindle and for how long?

780 views   Last updated on Jul 02, 2015    Kindle

The Ford Library Kindles can be checked out for four weeks to any current Duke student, staff or faculty member. They may be picked up and returned only at Ford Library.

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Can I download other e-books onto a Ford Library Kindle?

769 views   Last updated on Jul 30, 2015    Kindle

No. Ford Library Kindles can only host e-books purchased by Library staff from the Amazon Kindle Store. If you have a suggestion for a Kindle title, email us at
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What are Ford Library's hours of operation?

769 views   Last updated on Jul 02, 2015    About Us

View a calendar showing Ford Library's hours.
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Who do I contact if I need tech support help for a downloadable audiobook?

764 views   Last updated on Jul 29, 2015    Tech Help Audiobooks

If you cant find the answer you need on the OverDrive Help webpage, click on the Need Help? Ask Us Now! button on the Ford Library website to chat with one of our Librarians.
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An eBook I want to borrow is checked out. Can I place a hold on it?

728 views   Last updated on Jul 13, 2015    E-Books

Yes.  You may place a hold request on 3 total OverDrive eBooks or audiobooks. Follow the directions on the book's details page to place a hold.
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